Olsbergs’ Andreas Eriksson laments ‘crazy’ second half of the season

Credit: Louis Yio/Red Bull GRC

Andreas Eriksson was  left frustrated after a tough second half to the 2017 left Honda out of the championship fight.

The Olsbergs-run Honda team started the year off well, putting two cars into the top five in the season opener in Memphis, before winning the second round of the year in Louisville (pictured).

Eriksson was pleased after the early part of the season, but as the team dropped out of championship contention later in the year, he was left less than impressed.

“Yeah I’m pleased with the first part of the season but the second part was way too much carnage and damage and craziness,” he said. “But the first part of the season was good.”

Speaking about the team’s tough time on track in 2017, Eriksson said that race control needed to do more to curb aggressive driving.

“To be honest it’s very hard here because it’s more luck here than working hard,” he conceded. “I mean, personally I think there’s too much damage in the races and the race control isn’t really keeping it under control which make it very hard to race.”

“If we do this again I’ll probably need to build tanks instead and try to hit everything we see when we see it,” Eriksson quipped. “I’m building race car drivers and I want the good drivers and we try to keep out of that and you see if you’re too kind you get eaten up.