Stroll ‘Missing Some Speed’ as Racing Point struggle on opening day in Monaco

by Becca Stubbs

Canadian Lance Stroll had a difficult first day in Monaco as he found himself one of the slowest drivers on the track on Thursday.

The Racing Point F1 Team have had a mixed start to the season but Stroll has struggled to find his feet in the team.

Stroll, who joined Racing Point from Williams Racing after his dad Lawrence bought out the struggling team, struggled to perform once more around the narrow streets of Monaco.

He was forced into the Sainte Devote Turn 1 run-off at the glamorous circuit early on in Free Practice 2 and never really looked comfortable in the RP19 around the city track.

“It’s not been the easiest day,” said Stroll, who has yet to break out of Q1 during Qualifying in 2019.  “We took things steady this morning and tried to build up our speed gradually, but the car isn’t where we need it to be just yet.”

In Free Practice 1 on Thursday morning, Stroll found himself towards the foot of the field in nineteenth having failed to find any speed in Monaco. His first practice session saw him set a time of 1:16:135 and, despite improving on his time in the afternoon, he never really got into his groove.

Stroll set a 1:14:558 and went slightly faster in Free Practice 2 but still found himself in eighteenth with the lack of pace apparent in the Racing Point car.

“We’re missing some speed so we need to work hard tonight and tomorrow to understand where we can make some improvements,” admitted the Canadian.

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