Lewis Hamilton: Spanish GP 1-2 an “incredible day” for Mercedes

by Findlay Grant

Mercedes-AMG Motorsport‘s Lewis Hamilton has said it was an “incredible day for the team” after they were able to secure a 1-2 finish at the Spanish Grand Prix.

He managed to get ahead of team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who had clinched pole position, after he suffered clutch issues at the start.

“It’s been an incredible day for the team,” said Hamilton.  “We’ve brought an upgrade here and everyone worked so hard to make that possible.  I’m very proud of everyone back at the factory and thankful for all their hard work.

“The guys here at the track are all performing at an extremely high level as well, thank you all.”

He said that he had an important battle with Bottas and the Scuderia Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel heading into turn one on the opening lap, which he considered to be a turning point in the race.

“When the lights went out, my initial getaway was quite good and we were very close all the way down into Turn 1,” said the Briton.   “I think the Ferrari was alongside us at one point too, so it was a great battle and also a decisive moment in the race.  

“After that I just had to keep my head down and focus on trying to deliver each lap.”

Hamilton added that he wanted to dedicate the victory to Harry Shaw, a five-year-old boy diagnosed with childhood cancer.

“I want to dedicate this win to Harry, a young kid who sent me a message today,” he said. “He was my inspiration out there.  He could’ve chosen any other driver, so for him in the most difficult of days to send a message like that is really humbling and much appreciated.  

“I’m sending you love, Harry.”

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