W-Series Champion Jamie Chadwick has ‘Lots of Offers on the Table’ for a 2020 Drive – Claire Williams

by Paul Hensby

Claire Williams says Jamie Chadwick has what it takes to go a long way in motor sport, and the 2019 W-Series champion has lots of offers on the table for 2020.

Chadwick is a developmental driver with the Williams Racing team and clinched the inaugural W-Series title with a fourth-place finish at Brands Hatch last month, and recently tested a EuroFormula Open Dallara at Silverstone.

Claire Williams, the deputy team principal of Williams Racing, says the ambition that Chadwick shows and the drive to succeed bodes well for the twenty-one-year-old as she bids to move up the single seater ladder.

“I think she’s yet to announce her plans for 2020 but I know she’s got a lot of offers on the table,” Williams is quoted as saying by Crash.net. 

“It’s not surprising considering the job that she did in the W Series this year and just the personality that she has and the ambition and the drive that she has as well, I think it will take her a long way.”

Chadwick has been a member of the Williams Driver Academy since the beginning of 2019 and has attended a handful of Grand Prix as part of her development, but Williams says it is too early to say where the twenty-one-year-old will be racing next season.

“As for our plans for Jamie, moving forward, we’re obviously working out what we’re going to be doing from a race driver perspective for 2020 at the moment, and once we’ve resolved that then we will start looking and thinking about the plans for the driver academy and who we have in there,” said Williams.

“It’s all part of the driver academy programme that we have in place at Williams, that we established this year and it’s working really well for us.  It’s all about obviously taking young talent that we can find and helping develop them, but also for them to help Williams develop.

“Jamie has been an instrumental part in that this year and when she come to the races with us, when she’s trackside she shadows basically. She watches what’s going on in engineering briefings, she listens to the drivers, she obviously watches all the track action, and she just learns how a Formula 1 weekend operates.”

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