F1 Mobile Racing publisher welcome Codemasters F1 contract renewal

by Findlay Grant

Torque eSports Corp and Eden Games have welcomed the extension to Codemasters Studios‘ deal to produce the official Formula 1 games until 2025, which was announced on Thursday, 31 October.

Eden Games, the company behind F1 Mobile Racing, believe the contract extension is both a testament to the popularity of the franchise, and recognition of the success of the mobile game since its launch in 2018.

CEO and founder of Eden Games David Nadal said in the official press release: “Codemasters signing the longest extension in the partnership’s history is a positive for all of the partners involved in the success of the F1 video game franchise.”

He added: “Developing the F1 Racing Mobile game has been a great challenge for us, and to see the success over the past 14 months has been a source of pride for everyone at Eden Games. We look forward to future success with Codemasters and F1.”

President and CEO of Torque eSports, Darren Cox, recognised the success the two companies had enjoyed through F1.

“Between the two developers, they have more than 50 years experience developing racing games.

“This extension for Codemasters recognized that they remain at the cutting edge of gaming and eSports. A key part of the announcement was to highlight the success of the F1 eSports series.

Torque eSports also firmly believe that the success of racing esports will help grow game sales and downloads, and we pursue that strategy with enormous energy and enthusiasm,” said Cox.

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