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McLaren challenges Ferrari on secret engine deal

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McLaren CEO Zak Brown wants Binotto to clear the “secret deal” contents.

During these hard times for the motorsport world, the only challenges we are allowed to have are the ones built by words.

The one that is taking place right now involves two of the most historical teams in the paddock: McLaren and Ferrari. Recently, the Prancing Horse’ team principal Mattia Binotto just told The Guardian about his and Ferrari’s ethical clarity.

Talking about the concerns about the budget cap he said:
“I am obviously taking care of the problems that could show in case the 2020 season would really start but this is not my greatest issue at the moment. My priority is set to safety. I want to protect Ferrari’s staff and take care about their security. The rest can wait.”

The Maranello based team boss adamant his transparency about sport’s ethics but this opened an old deal.

At the beginning of this year, we have witnessed a political case, which involved Ferrari and the rest of the teams. The teams, led by Mercedes, wanted Ferrari and the FIA to reveal the details of a “secret” deal about an investigation of the car that took place at the end of the 2019 season.

“I’m all for having ethical duties. And, along the lines of ethics, I think it would be great if Mattia would share with us, as the FIA has volunteered to share, what the details were behind the secret agreement that they came to over the alleged breach of regulations around their engines.”

“While we’re on the topic of ethics and transparency, I think that would be a good point and time well served.” McLaren CEO commented.

The other teams did not give up about this matter as they wrote an official complaint to the FIA explaining they were feeling uncomfortable with this secret deal and the FIA said through Jean Todt that they would have been more than happy to open up the deal. Since then, Mercedes stepped away. Now it is on Binotto to take up the glove and show what ethics really means to the Italian team.

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