Meeke and Bogie launch RACMSA Rally of Scotland

Newly crowned IRC champion Kris Meeke has launched this year’s inaugural RACMSA Rally of Scotland along with new Scottish national rally champion David Bogie.

November 19 see’s the start of the rally which follows a route across some of Scotland’s most picturesque countryside.

“This is a brilliant way to end the season for us,” said David Bogie. “The stages are spectacular, challenging and exciting for fans and competitors. I will be trying my hardest to give Kris and the IRC regulars a good run, and to do the best that I can on such a high profile event.”

If Kris Meeke thought he was in for an easy run then he should think again as he is pitted against British national champion, Irishman Keith Cronin, and former British and Asia-Pacific champion Alister McRae.

“The title is won but I have a tremendous amount still to fight for here in Scotland on many levels,” said Meeke.

“For my season, victory here would make my total score 66 from a possible 70 points – and in a driver’s career there aren’t many opportunities to put up a record like that. But this is a very special event.”

“Scotland has been like a home to me for many years. As those in the sport know, my early career was mentored by Colin McRae and I really was taken into the family fold. I lived here in Scotland when I was starting out and for me this is very much a homecoming event. Doing well here would be the absolute pinnacle of the year but it’s not going to be easy and I’m looking forward to a terrific battle with so many top drivers.”

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