SEAT to leave WTCC?

The World Touring Car Championship could be without SEAT next year according to works driver Rickard Rydell.

“SEAT has not decided what to do next year yet. Right now it is not looking good, but it is not confirmed yet,” he said, talking to Eurosport.

Blaming the current economic status Rydell went on to explain the reasons behind what he was saying.

“The company is losing money. There is no manufacturer that makes money now and there are surely other manufacturers that suffer more that SEAT, but it is looking grim right now,”

Rydell confirmed that he would like to stick with touring cars, explaining it was all or nothing.

“I would like to continue with touring cars, but only if I have a good shot in a good team. Otherwise I will not drive.”

“I got an opportunity to drive the World Championship for GT cars, but I feel that it is more fun with qualifying and being able to develop the car with an engineer. Touring cars are 100% all the time,” said Rydell.

When questioned about a moved to the Swedish Touring Car Championship he said: “It is not ruled out if I find a good drive in a good team, but I am not negotiating with any team at the moment”

Rydell is currently seventh in the championship with 64 points and has taken one win along the way.