Saab squad to tackle Roger Albert Clark Rally

The 2010 Roger Albert Clark Rally will see a squad of Saabs compete in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Eric Carlsson winning the RAC Rally at a wheel of a 2 stroke Saab 96.

Saab enthusiast Jim Valentine was inspired to organise this, and when the Rally starts on the 25th November, there should be at least 4 Saabs on the entry list. If everything that is being planned comes off, Carlsson and his co-driver from 1960, Stuart Turner, will be in attendance to see the cars away, 50 years after they won the famous event.

Valentine, with his two-stroke Saab 96 has been a loyal supporter of the event and is now encouraging fellow Saab owners to join him on this year's event. As it stands, Valentine will be joined by Nick Pinkett and Patrice Wattine in two-stroke 96's while Richard Simpson will enter a later V4 engine 96.

Valentine also reckons that if everyone who has declared an interest in joining the rally does join, then there could be as many as 8 Saab 96's for the rally start.

Carlsson, who earned the nickname 'Pa Taket' (Swedish for On The Roof) for his ability to roll a Saab and then carry on undeterred had a hat trick of victories on the RAC Rally, the first one being in 1960.

Valentine reckons there has never been a better time for Saabs to put on a show to the crowds, he said “There may never be a finer moment for Saabs to put on a bit of a show,” before adding “I’m looking forward to a gathering of people who use their Saabs for rallying and it would be a fantastic achievement to get all the cars to the finish. It’s going to be fabulous; the RAC is the most fun I have ever had rallying.”

To carry on with the Saab theme, Valentine is hoping that the Saab entries will have a Saab estate car running as a management vehicle.

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