WTCC adopts F1 points system and clarifies compensation weights

The FIA has announced the the 2010 WTCC season will see a change to the points system, with the international series adopting the same scoring system as Formula 1.

Following a vote by competitors and confirmation by the members of the World Motor Sport Council the change will come in to effect immediately.

Points will be awarded at each event according to the following scale:

1st: 25 points; 2nd: 18 pts; 3rd: 15 pts; 4th: 12 pts: 5th: 10 pts; 6th: 8pts; 7th: 6 pts; 8th: 4 pts; 9th: 2 pts; 10th: 1 point

The points system was also recently taken up by the World Rally Championship.

Along with the points announcement the compensation weights have been confirmed for the WTCC cars, based on lap time calculations from the two fastest cars of each model in both races, these times will be taken over a period of three rounds and averaged out on a rolling basis.

For the opening round the cars will weigh in as follows:

BMW 320si: 1155kg
Chevrolet Cruze: 1150kg
Chevrolet Lacetti: 1140kg (as per the -10kg waiver granted by the Touring Car Committee)
SEAT León TDI: 1170kg
SEAT León TFSI: 1150kg