Ecclestone On Schumacher: “It’s not him, it’s the car”

Bernie Ecclestone has claimed that Michael Schumacher should not be to blame for his poor performance so far this year.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport the F1 supremo claimed “He has returned in a situation more complex than he could imagine.”

Despite Schumacher himself admitting that he has had trouble getting up to speed, Ecclestone defended the seven time world Champion.

“It’s not him, it’s the car. If Michael was driving a Red Bull, he immediately would become the old Michael again.”

Talking about the race weekend ahead he said: “It’s an extremely open race in a very uncertain championship,” he said. “My pick was [Sebastian] Vettel, but now the contenders are many. [Mark] Webber has improved. [Fernando] Alonso is perhaps the best but he needs a competitive Ferrari.”

“Then there’s [Lewis] Hamilton and also [Jenson] Button, another surprise. It will be an extremely open British GP.”