Williams Lucky To Walk Away From 150mph Crash

Jordan Williams admitted that he was lucky to walk away from his high speed crash at the weekend which saw him somersault through the air five times before coming to a rest on the wrong side of the safety barrier.

Williams looked set for a good weekend after taking his maiden single seater win in the opening race. “I’d qualified for the first two races of the weekend in second place and I won the first, which was my first-ever win in a single-seater. said the Tavistock-based racer, speaking on thisisdevon.co.uk.

“In the second race, I didn’t get such a good start.” admits Jordan who chased the lead drivers along the Revett Straight. “I was pulling out to overtake Jousse and he swerved in front of me. I went up over his rear wheel, then my car went up into the air backwards.”

From there on it was a roller-coaster ride. “The rear of my car hit the ground and I did five barrel rolls, sliced through the fence at the side of the track and hit a bridge.”

“At that point, I would have been doing up to 155mph.” said Williams.

“While it was happening, I let go of the steering wheel, squeezed my knees together and closed my eyes.

He admits that his is lucky to walk away from the accident with no injuries. “I am one very lucky boy to walk away from it unhurt and I’m very lucky to be here and talking about it today.”

Despite the accident Williams got back in the car the next day. “I wasn’t actually worried about getting back in a car again. It took me five hours from the crash to do it.”

“The accident itself was really scary, because you don’t know where it’s going to end.”

“But what I was really disappointed with is that I potentially could have got four podiums from the four races.”

“After the first race, I was up to second place in the championship and now I’m down to sixth.”

“I’m still in with a chance of winning it, but that gap is now that much bigger.”