60 Seconds With… Dino Zamparelli

Welcome to the first article from a new TCF feature where we get to know some of the upcoming drivers in motor sport. First up we talk to 2008 Ginetta Junior Champion Dino Zamparelli.

What are you racing at the moment?

Due to sponsorship problems, this year I’ve only managed to compete in a one off Italian F3 race. That’s the only race I’ve done this year.

How old are you?

17 years old…soon to be 18.

How long have you been racing?

I first sat in a Kart at 6 years of age and started racing at 10 years of age in Karts. I first stepped into a car, a Ginetta Junior, at 14 years old.

What was your first race?

A local Kart race in France. I think I finished third from last as it was my very first race and I didn’t test that much before it. What I was happy about more than anything was that on the last lap, I overtook the boy ahead of me, who I had been following for the whole race. It was my very first overtake, and I can still remember it exactly down to the finer details.

What is your best racing memory?

By far my best racing memory has to be coming back from 15th place after a spin, to winning the race at Donington Park in 2008.

I completely missed my braking point and locked both front wheels up and spun out, falling back to 15th place across the line. With only 9 laps as the race distance, I had to fight back fast. By lap 6, I was up to 3rd and on the penultimate lap, I took the lead from Josh Hill and won the race.

How has your 2010 season been so far?

So far…rubbish! I only did a one off race in Italy with an Italian F3 team earlier in the year. I did two tests, and impressed the team enough to invite me to the race. Unfortunately, stepping up from Renault BARC to F3 Italy, I needed more than 2 days of testing. Therefore the weekend was a bit of a disaster and I finished 20th in both races out of 30 cars. To complete the season, we needed more sponsorship. Unfortunately, this we could not find. From then until now, we’ve been searching for sponsorship. However, it’s nearing the end of the racing year, so now it will be about looking to 2011.

What are your plans for 2011?

Not too sure what the plans are for 2011. We’re aiming to raise the budget and perhaps compete in a full season of Italian F3 with some proper pre season preparation. However, we are looking at all the options and will choose what we think is the best option.