Foust And Deegan Thrill Fans In Super Rally Final

The 2010 edition of the Summer X Games saw the introduction of a new event in the shape of the Rally Car Super Rally as twelve drivers went head to head in front of fans and judges at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Saturday night.

With Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan already taking home X Medals for the earlier Rally Car event the two lead the way in the Super Rally Final.

“The track was perfect and had so much grip,” Foust said. “Door-to-door, I like racing the four cars, but even when you say you don’t have a favorite kid, you always do. And Super Rally is definitely my favorite.”

With Foust and Deegan on form they were joined by Samuel Hubinette and Stephan Verdier in the final, the four cars would go head-to-head they lined up at the top of the Coliseum.

Foust would get the jump on Deegan in the first turn. Verdier chased hard with a lost bumper, homing in on Foust pushing Deegan back to third.

Deegan wasn’t about to give up though, as they entered the last lap he pushed hard, making it look easy on the way to Silver.

“I knew Foust had me at the start, then I made some rookie mistakes,” said Deegan. “At the beginning of the day, I had no idea I would be winning a medal because practice was not going so well. I am super pumped to go home with two silver medals.”

Verdier would lose out on a medal after rookie Hubinette took Bronze in the closing seconds of the race.

“What a finish,” said Hubinette. “It was insanely fun. I was the underdog, and no one expected this from me.”

After the Super Rally event Foust’s X Games medals stand at five with Deegan now on 12.

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