X Games Rally Car Gold For Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust took his X Games Gold medal tally to two after taking top spot in the high-octane Rally Car event on Saturday night.

The brand new course for 2010 held at The LA Memorial Coliseum offered a host of new challenges as the drivers competed head-to-head.

“It was a tricky course, but to be honest, I am ready to go again,” said Foust. “You make your own dust cloud and get lost so you need to find your way. Like the Moto X Freestyle guys, I visualize the course. It does get confusing, but today, it seems I had a clear vision.”

Canadian Antoine L’Estrange finished fastest in the Quarter Final ahead of Andrew Comrie-Picard and Brian Deegan, with BMX ace Dave Mirra finishing ahead of Tanna Foust, Travis Pastrana, Travis Hanson and Kenny Brack.

The final saw Foust go head-to-head with Brian Deegan in a crowd pleasing race that saw the two neck and neck throughout.

Foust would get the break as he took the jump pulling ahead of Deegan and taking the win by an impressive four seconds.

Deegan would do enough to claim his first Rally Car Racing medal as he collected Silver.

“I was almost going to scratch Rally off of my list,” Deegan said. “I’m glad I didn’t because I definitely did better than I thought I would. I wanted to win so badly but I am still getting used to this racing event.”

Quarter final winners L’Estage and Comrie-Picard tied for Bronze with both drivers taking their first X Medal.

Event Highlights

Event favorite Travis Pastrana fell out of contention in the Quarter Finals after crashing at the top of the hill.