F1 Boss Ecclestone Mugged In London

Bernie Ecclestone was mugged outside his London business headquarters on Wednesday it has been revealed.

Ecclestone, who celebrated his 80th birthday in October, was with his girlfriend Fabiana Flosi arriving at the Formula One Holdings offices in the Knightsbridge area of the city. The pair were attacked by four men, who it is reported had been lying in wait for the couple.

Ecclestone was punched and kicked at the gang made off with jewellery and other items valued at about £200,000. Ecclestone was taken to hospital for a head injury but returned home – and to work – only hours later. Flosi was uninjured in the attack.

“There can be little doubt that this was a targeted robbery because of who Mr. Ecclestone is,” a police source told The Sun newspaper. “The muggers were callous and showed little regard for the victims. They need to be caught.”

Officers from the Westminster robbery squad are investigating the incident, but as yet no arrests have been made.