Rockingham Stages Rally To Take Place Behind Closed Doors

by James Broomhead

The Rockingham Stages Rally, taking place this weekend (December 4-5) will be completed behind closed doors as the recent weather has meant the site is deemed unsafe for members of the public It will be the first time in the event's seven year history than the public will not be able to watch the Stages.

“Unfortunately due to the adverse weather conditions, together with the organisers Thame Motorsport Club and Middlesex County Automobile Club, of the Rockingham Stages Rally, we have taken the decision to run this year's event behind closed doors,” explained Rockingham director Charlotte Orton.

“Our Operations team have been working tirelessly over the past few days to clear the snow and ice but the continuing sub-zero temperatures mean they are unable to make the site safe for spectators.”

“The weather forecast for the rest of the week shows no sign of improvement and therefore for the first time in seven years we have regrettably been forced to close the site to members of the public.”

“We would urge anyone who doesn't have an official pass, not to travel to the venue as they will not be allowed access to the circuit and therefore turned away at the entrance gate by Rockingham's security staff.”

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