Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Highlights

by Ian Price

A intense and closely fought battle between two very fast drivers was the icing on the cake for the spectators at last weekend’s Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.

Canada’s Antoine L’Estage enjoyed a trouble free run on the Missouri event, and claimed victory over Britain’s David Higgins by almost 18 seconds.

L’Estage and his co-driver Nathalie Richard dominated the event, with fastest times on ten of the rally’s fifteen stages.

Speaking of the challenge from Higgins, L’Estage said “It was a nice battle, and he’s a great guy, so hopefully we’ll have some battles this year”, a comment that many fans will surely be glad to hear after the excitement it caused this time out.

L’Estage and Higgins finished some way ahead of third placed Dave Mirra, whereas Super Production runner, and hero of the Sno*Drift, Travis Hanson finished fourth to retain his lead in the overall points standings.

Former series champion Travis Pastrana made a fleeting appearance in this year’s running of the event, but the outcome of his entry will be revealed in the highlights below.

Enjoy the highlights of the 2011 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.

Photo Credit: WorldRallySport.com/ Matthew Young

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