Monteiro Confident Ahead Of First Donington Trip

Tiago Monteiro is confident of another good result in the World Touring Car Championship on his first visit to Donington Park.

Monteiro scored a podium in the second race on his home circuit of Porto last time out, and is pleased that the 1.6 litre turbo engine in his SUNRED Leon is increasing in competitiveness.

“The most recent races showed us that we have made progress in terms of engine performance,” he said. “We are more competitive and more confident that we can obtain good results.”

This means that he is hoping to be at the sharp end at Donington this weekend, even though he does not know the circuit.

“Unlike most of my competition, unfortunately, I do not know the Donington circuit but I am treating this meeting like a new, exciting challenge because I love to get to know new circuits,” he explained.

Being the British summer, the weather could help to shake things up, according to Monteiro.

“Rain will be rather good news because it would level the playing field and somewhat narrow the gap that separates us from our direct competitors,” he said.

“As always, I won’t take a chance by making predictions. I would like to secure the most points possible and take every opportunity that presents itself. Obviously, a spot on the podium would have a special taste to it and my Porto podium has whetted my appetite.”