Bradl Continues Impressive Start In MotoGP

Stefan Bradl - Photo Credit: LCR Honda
Stefan Bradl - Photo Credit: LCR Honda


Stefan Bradl put in another sensational ride to finish seventh in the Spanish Grand Prix, continuing his bright start to life in the premier class. The LCR Honda rider came out on top in a battle with Nicky Hayden, despite giving up 151 races worth of experience to the American.

“I am very happy with this result. First of all I think it was a difficult weekend for everybody due to the weather conditions so I want to thank the whole Team for their great job. During the sighting lap I was very nervous because I thought that the last part of the track was wet so I changed my helmet visor and everything was clearer. I was capable to attack my competitors since the beginning of the race but I found it a bit risky so I waited a little bit and after some laps I was fighting with Bautista and Hayden. We were doing well but Hayden blocked me a little bit in the middle of the race and Bautista got away from us. When he was gone I started my fight with Nicky which I enjoyed very much especially in the last two laps.”

Bradl's cause wasn't helped by pain in his right arm in the closing stages but he battled on to beat the Ducati by a quarter of a second.

“I got some problems with my right arm because it was sore in the middle of the race and this cost me a bit of time because I had to force the bike in a different way. Basically this was another positive week end for me and I really enjoyed the applause the Team made for me when I was back at the garage”.