‘Character-Building’ Knockhill For Basey-Fisher

Oliver Basey-Fisher encountered a tough debut at Knockhill in Scotland during the latest rounds of the Ginetta Junior Championship.

The opening race went well for the reigning Ginetta Scholarship winner, Basey-Fisher moving up from eleventh to ninth early on, before benefitting from an accident ahead to finish a strong seventh at the finish.

The Tollbar Racing with WIRED driver didn’t enjoy a quite as fruitful race in Sunday’s live televised encounter, a strong run ending with an unfortunate excursion on lap ten when he locked his brakes and slid wide into the barriers at the opening corner.

 “It’s definitely been a character building weekend”, commented Oli, “It’s a hard track to learn – even though Knockhill is short it’s very technical and requires a lot of commitment. The changing weather hasn’t helped either, as well as learning the circuit I’ve had to learn the conditions too at the same time so it’s been very challenging.

“Race two was going well until the off. It’s thought Harry Woodhead’s car may have dropped some water as it was overheating. I did miss my heel and toe at that point though and locked the rear wheels so it looks like it could have been part my error and maybe partly because of some fluid on the track. I’m definitely aiming for better at Rockingham next month!”