Live: Avon Tyres British GT Championship Silverstone Race

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

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14:52There will be a blog from Zoe Wenham along with an installment from Scuderia Vittoria who were unlucky this weekend with mechanical issues

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14:44Team LNT, Apex McLaren, Preci-Spark Mercedes, MTECH, RJN and the 2 surviving Trackspeed Porsches complete the top ten.

14:43Team WFR take the GT4 class win, Optimum motorsport manage to finish second with APO third. Century Motorsport finish in fourth ahead of Complete Racing.

14:43Ollie Hancock and Alasdair McCaig’s Ecurie Ecosse BMW. Daniele Perfetti and Michael Caine complete the podium.

14:42Matt Bell and Charles Bateman score their second win of the season, leading home by over 20 seconds over….

14:41Benji Hetherington has parked the #10 Porsche at Becketts. No more penalties at least….

14:39Finally Glynn Geddie pulls out enough of a gap over David Jones to move up into the top five in the Apex McLaren

14:35The penalties kink up a gear, Motorbase’s #10 gets a 40 second stop-go for consistently wandering outside of track limits

14:32The Optimum Motorsports Ginetta has a smell of burning oil as it heads by the pitlane, just 8 minutes for it to last before the chequered flag

14:32Hancock’s forward progress has halted at 14 seconds down on the lead McLaren. Michael Caine looks increasingly secure in third place, Mike Simpson falling away in the LNT G55

14:31The Mazda comes in to the pits to retire, a day to forget for the GT4 team

14:29Glynn Geddie finds a way to to circumnavigate the Jones Merc, but with a 5 second penalty to take into a account has 12 minutes to pull out enough of a gap to take fifth place

14:25Tim Harvey is the latest inductee into the drive thru penalty club in the #33 Trackspeed car

14:24Now Glynn Geddie is shown as taking sixth place, after pulling sufficiently away from Matt Griffins 458

14:24The Mazda is back in the pits with a trailing rear bumper on the left rear, the team head out with the green gaffer tap.

14:23Despite reports of smoke there’s no fire and Hancock has cut Matt Bell’s lead to 14 seconds with 18 minutes left.

14:21We’re in to the last 20 minutes of the race now and the GT4 class looks to be set for the finish with Team WFR leading the way, followed by Optimum Motorsports and APO sport, Century Motorsport and Complete Racing round out the top 5 with the Mazda  going straight on at Becketts

14:21Mike Simpson and Michael Caine nose-to-tail for the final podium spot

14:20Reports of something broken on the front of Griffins Ferrari and of smoke from the 2nd placed BMW

14:17Glynn Geddie takes sixth on the rouad, but a 5 second track limit related penalty bumps him back behind Matt Griffins Ferrari

14:17Optimum Motorsports seem to be looking to get the most time in the pitlane of today’s runners as their latest penalty brings them to 7 pit visits including scheduled stops

14:15The #52 Optimum Ginetta pits for its stop/go penalty, looks like it will get out of the pits comfortably before the APO sport car comes through

14:15Hancock takes another second out of the lead, but with 26 minutes to go there won’t be enough laps left for him catch the McLaren at this rate

14:14A second place for Ecurie Ecosse would push Alasdair McCaig right into title contention with MTECH in 6th and RJN 8th

14:13Optimum Motorsport’s G50 awarded a 10 second stop/go penalty for a pit stop infringement.

14:13United Autosports lead by 18 seconds with Ollie Hancock in second having take two second off the lead in as many laps

14:12Zoe Wenham moves up to fourth in class with 38 seconds gap to the third placed APO Sport car

14:11Looks like it was a puncture for the Mazda, the team get ready to go out again to put in a few more laps

14:10Godfrey Jones makes his final stop – that all the stops made with a half hour to run

14:10Mazda in the pits with another problem on the left rear corner

14:09The Mazda is slow on track, looks like more problems for the Jota team

14:07The Mazda MX5 continues to lap faster than the class leaders, they have great pace today and would have been sure to be challenging for the class win if not for the early mechanical issues.

14:07Lawrence Tomlinson makes his final stop of the race for Mike Simpson to take over the Team LNT Ginetta so Godfrey Jones takes the lead in the rumbling Merc

14:05The Century Motorsport Ginetta has dropped to fifth in class following the last pitstop, Team WFR continue to lead and look set to take the GT4 championship in style with a win

14:02Alasdair McCaig gives up the lead to make his final stop in the Ecurie Ecosse BMW Z4. Ollie Hancock in for the final stint.

14:01Complete Racing have moved up to third place in the GT4 class as the Optimum Motorsports car comes in to the pits from second.

14:00Lawrence Tomlinson gets a five second penalty for the Team LNT Ginetta currently in 2nd

13:59The RJN Motorsport Nissan is struggling with a brake problem, currently running down in 11th

13:58The Century Motorsport GT4 pits from third place for its final pitstop, Zoe Wenham to take over the driving duties

13:57Steve Tandy also pits for Trackspeed, also coming in from fifth place. Glynn Geddie also back in the race for a final stint in the Apex Mclaren

13:55The Mazda is lapping just 0.3s slower that GT4 class leader Team WFR, looks like the team could have been a contender if it hadn’t been for the problems

13:55Jon Minshaw makes the final stop for the #33 Trackspeed car, coming in from fifth place for Tim Harvey to take over

13:51United Autosports make their final stop from the lead, Matt Bell given fresh tyres for his final stint.

13:50Former leaders Team WFR, running in 16th, are the latest to get a drive thru

13:50The Mazda is about to head out on track again, we saw it for 1 lap at the start of the race but it’s been in the garage since then, useful track time for the team now though with ongoing development work.

13:50Duncan Cameron also in to for the MTECH teams final stop for Matt Griffin to take over the car for the final 51 minutes

13:49Daniele Perfetti becomes the first car – at least of the leaders – to make his third driver change stop for Michael Caine to take the car to the end of the race.

13:46Charles Bateman moves the United Autosports McLaren back into the lead, with a 28 second lead over the Ecurie Ecosse BMW

13:43Lawrence Tomlinson will get back in the #16 Ginetta wiht 57 minutes left of the race

13:43The GT4 Optimum Motorsports car has stopped at the pits again so it will still have a drivethrough to serve as the class leaders Team WFR come in for a driver change.

13:42Buncombe comes in for scheduled stop before serving his drive through, Mike Simpson also in from the lead in the orange Ginetta

13:42The Optimum Motorsports Ginetta comes through for its drivethrough

13:41The GT4 Optimum Motorsports car comes in for a pitstop, it is still to serve its drive through

13:40Alex Buncombe gets another drive thru in the #35 Nissan, that their 2nd of the race

13:39Ollie Hancock is in the pits, Mike Simpson continuing on in the Team LNT Ginetta, not in the lead

13:39Two hours in to the race and the GT4 standings are: Team WFR, Optimum Motorsports, Century Motorsports, APO Sport, Complete Racing

13:38Oil  flags out the Predator CCTV ferrari 430 has stopped out on track.

13:35Joe Osborne pits from fourth place in the #31 Trackspeed Porsche, 1:06 left in the race now on lap 52

13:34Simpson takes another 4 tenths off the lead while David Jones pits from third in the strong looking Preci-Spark SLS

13:33The Optimum Motorsport G50 has got another drive thru for continued track limit abuse

13:32The gap between the leaders is just 2.1 seconds now, Simpson finds another 1.3 seconds over BMW ahead

13:29The Optimum car, now with Lee Mowle back behind the wheel has kept second in Gt4

13:28Mike Simpson is just 3.6 seconds down on Ollie Hancock for the lead, but Simpson is the latest recipient of the driving standards flag

13:25After serving the drive though Garry Simms makes a second driver change stop in the Optimum Ginetta G50

13:19The leading GT4 car of Optimum Motorsports receives a drive through penalty for not respecting the track limits

13:16The Optimum Motorsports G50 leads the GT4 class with Team WFR 13 seconds behind, Complete Racing follow in third

13:14Mike Simpson up into second in the Team LNT car, past David Jones in the Mercedes SLS

13:13Ollie Hancock takes the lead in the Ecurie Ecosse BMW with the leaders in the pits

13:12The Team LNT Ginetta and the Preci-Spark Merc are  battlin hard in to the first corner

13:12And Charles Bateman pits from the lead. The top three all in the pits on the half way mark

13:11Both Motorbase and the Apex squads are ready for stops for the cars in 2nd and 3rd respectively

13:09No Fuel for the Team WFR GT4 car just a driver change as the APO Sport car also pits

13:08GT4 leaders Team WFR are getting ready for a driver change and possible a cup of tea as they continue to dominate the class

13:07Matt Griffin pits from second place at the end Lap 29, just before the half way point of the race

13:05the gap between the lead pair is 22 seconds.

13:04Matt Bell takes the lead in the United Autosports McLaren, Matt Griffin second and Michael Caine now third for Motorbase

13:04The APO Sport car comes through for its drive through penalty

13:03A reminder that all teams have to serve a minimum time in the pits for each stop

13:02MORE DRAMA! Glynn Geddie is given a 16 second stop-go penalty for a short pitstop

13:02APO Sport get a drive through penalty for not respecting the track limits

13:02Mardenborough brings the Nissan back into the pits from fifth place for Buncombe to climb back into the car with new tyres attached

13:00Michael Caine has moved up to fourth place, coming within five seconds of Mardenboroughs Nissan after its earlier penalty

12:57Glynn Geddies lead is 2 seconds over Matt Bell, Matt Griffin 19 seconds further back in third place

12:54The LNG Ginetta is running in seventh place after the late stop, but Mike Simpson has just done his best lap of the race

12:52Another 5 second penalty, this one for Benji Hetherington in the #10 Porsche

12:52behind the McLaren 1-2 (the only outside of Monza this weekend) are MTECH, the twice stopping RJN Nissan and the messing pitting #11 Motorbase Porsche driven by Michael Caine

12:50Firth is going again, but is pitting. Team looking at the front brakes

12:48So it’s McLaren MP4-12C 1-2. Mark this day in the calendar…..

12:48Glynn Geddie has taken second place which becomes the lead after Firth goes straight on at Brooklands out of the lead!

12:48GT4 Standings after 1 hour: Team WFR, Optimum Motorsport, APO Sport, Century Motorsport, Complete Racing, the Mazda is still in the pits

12:46Jody Firth retakes the lead for Team WFR wiht the 2 McLarens in the race nose-to-tail for second place after Mardenborough comes in for his drive thru

12:44Tomlinson pits for Mike Simpson to take over the bright orange machine

12:431:02 into the race Steve Tandy pits the #32 Trackspeed Porsche, leaving Lawrence Tomlinson out as the last man left to make his first stop

12:42Merdenborough still hasn’t served his drive through, circulating in 8th place

12:41The second place GT4 APO Sport Ginetta pits for a driver change followed by the leading GT4 car who has almost lapped all the class

12:39Godfrey Jones burbles into the pits in the Preci-Spark SLS giving up the lead

12:39The leading Team WFR GT4 car is still to stop and has a very comfortable lead over the APO Sport car.

12:3858 minutes in Piers Johnson pits from 4th in the Corvette

12:36Now Jann Mardenborough is given a drive though for exceeding the track limits. He and Buncombe are third in points, so there’s more championship drama!

12:36VIDEO: Motorbase Parish/Hetherington pitstop

12:34Godfrey Jones leads in the Mercedes with Lawrence Tomlinson second, Ecurie Ecoss BMW third and Speedworks Corvette fourth. None have made their first stops yet

12:33Daniele Perfetti pits from fourth but the pitstop goes horrible wrong, he overshoots his pit box and the car has to be pushed back. Airlines tangled, fuel spilt during refuelling, but Michael Caine in the car now.

12:31Christodoulou pits from the lead after 50 minutes and 23 laps for Jody Firth to take over the car

12:29Complete racing come in for a scheduled stop and driver change

12:29Of the cars that have already stops Matt Bell in the  United Autosports McLaren leads, though only because of the Nissan’s 5 second penalty

12:29Evans comes in for Zoe Wenham to take over driving

12:28But reportedly the car has now stopped out on track on its out lap. Again HUGE championship repercussions!

12:27the #31 Porsche, now with Phill Keen in command is back out but five laps down, one place ahead of the Beechdean Aston

12:265 second penalties for both the first and second place cars – Team WFR and RJN Motorsport

12:25Jann Mardenborough will take over the RJN Nissan

12:24Buncombe pits, but almost hits Dominic Evans GT4 car as they slow to pit lane speed

12:21The #31 Porsche of Ashburn in Keen is still in the pits and dropping down the order – big championship news that as Ashburn leads the the points

12:21Cameron pits after 40 minutes, Jim Geddie follows in the Apex Mclaren. Both teams will put their faster drivers in the cars for their first stint.

12:17David Ashburn also into the pits, probably another planned stop for Phil Keen to get into the #31 Porsche

12:16Phil Dryburgh comes into the pits, 26 minutes in looks like a scheduled stop for John Gaw to climb in

12:15Alex Buncombe is the next man to see his number up nest to the driving standards flag. How long until we get a 5 sec penalty

12:14Christodoulou’s  lead is nearly 12 seconds over Buncombes Nissan and Godfrey Jones has passed Tomlinson for fourth. The Merc going well early on

12:13The Chevron has had a spin, and looks like it could be out of the race

12:11GT4 Classification after 30 minutes  Team WFR, Complete Racing, APO Sport, Century Motorsport, Optimum Motorsport, Mazda

12:11half an hour in, Team  WFR lead RJN’s Nissan, UA’s Mclaren with the Team LNT Ginetta and the Jones twins SLS fighting for fourth

12:10Perfetti takes sixth from Cameron at Copse after running side by side past the pits

12:09The track limits warnings have reach GT3, leader Riki Christodoulou shown the black and white flag

12:07The Aston is finally back out, but now five laps down with Jonny Adam at the wheel

12:05Dom Evans comes in to the pits to serve a drive through penalty for exceeding the track limits following on from his earlier penalisation of 5 seconds for the same thing

12:05Cameron will lose sixth soon, Daniele Perfeti closing in in the best of the Porsches for Motorbase

12:04The Mazda is being pulled in to the garage, looks like it’s more than just a puncture, team are looking at the axels

12:04Godfrey Jones puts Duncan Cameron a further place down, taking fifth place at Copse in the Mercedes SLS

12:03Team WFR continued to lead the way in the GT4 class with the Complete Racing Aston Martin now up to second followed by the Century Racing Ginetta

12:03The leaders are deep into the GT4 traffic, Christodoulou loses a second to Buncombe on lap 10

12:02The Mazda is back in the pits, not looking great for the Jota team

12:02The Aston still hasn’t gone back out, after it pitted

11:59Andrew Howard (angry) says he was hit on the first lap but the car has lost all rear brakes. He’s very, very angry.

11:59Warren Hughes is making it look easy in the GT4 class with a 21 second lead just 20 minutes in to the race.

11:58Jonny Adam is readied to get into the Aston but he will rejoin a lap down as Christodoulou crosses the line once more

11:58The Mazda returns to the track now two laps down but with fresh rubber and a fresh driver.

11:57Dom Evans recieves a 5 second penalty for exceeding the track limits, that drops him back down to fourth in class after a charge up to second

11:57Andrew Howard brings the Beechdean Aston into the pits

11:5615 minutes and 7 laps in Team WFR lead by 9 seconds over RJN’s Nissan with the United Autosports Mclaren third, two seconds down

11:54Left rear puncture for the Mazda as it comes in to the pits

11:53We seem to have lost the Mazda somewhere on that lap, possible puncture

11:52Cameron slips to fifth now, Tomlinsons bright orange Ginetta up to fourth now.

11:52The Century Motorsport Ginetta looks to be picking up the pace again as Evans looks to get around the APO Sport car

11:51Predictably its Christodoulou and Buncombe, the two pro drivers starting their charges that have risen to the top

11:51Warren Hughes is keeping touch of the end of the GT3 field while the Mazda has now moved up in to second place

11:50Buncombe’s second at the end of lap four and Bateman takes third from Cameron at the start of lap 5

11:49Cameron leads four way battle for second with Buncombe, Bateman and Lawrence Tomlinson almost nose to tail

11:49Dom Evans receives a warning for exceeding the track limits, he also lost two places on that lap with the APO Gientta and the Mazda moving up the GT4 class

11:47Warren Hughes has a 3.734 second lead in the GT4 class over Dom Evans and the APO Sport Ginetta

11:47Alex Buncombe takes third place away from Charles Bateman at the Arena complex, now chasing Cameron for second

11:46The Mazda has found its way by the Optimum Motorsport Ginetta and is now up to fourth in the GT4 class

11:46and has a 2.9 second lead at the end of the lap

11:45Lap two and Riki Christodoulou takes the lead from the MTECH man at Stowe corner

11:45The Jota Mazda is on the move after starting the race from the pit lane, heading in to the first corner attacking the Complete Racing Aston Martin

11:44Andrew Howard completes the opening lap down in 20th place after his turn one spin

11:44Cameron leads after lap one from Riki Christodoulou, Charles Bateman, Alex Buncombe and Lawrence Tomlinson

11:42Andrew Howard, after starting second spins at Copse – not a great start to his race in the #007 Aston

11:42The championship leading GT4 car of Team WFR leads the class with Warren Hughes taking the driving seat for the first stint

11:41Duncan Cameron leads from pole position into turn one.

11:41And they’re off…..

11:38They’re off on their formation lap to come round for the rolling start….

11:34That’s the Porsche that points leader David Ashburn will start. Both he and the Mazda will start from the pitlane.

11:33Cars are on the grid for the start of the race, but missing is the #47 Mazda and the #31 Trackspeed Porsche