Lorenzo Keen To Move On After “Useless” Friday

Jorge Lorenzo certainly had an uneventful Friday at Misano with the championship leader not leaving his garage all day. The Spaniard explained that the conditions were too risky to be putting the bike and himself at risk with nothing to learn and instead spent his afternoon chatting with MotoGP legends Phil Read and Giacomo Agostini.

“I’m so tired, we did so many laps today and now I need a big rest and a massage!” he joked. “Seriously though, we didn’t even go out, it just wasn’t necessary for us, we wanted to save the engine life and also save some energy. Tomorrow we will see what happens with the weather. Today was not completely wet or completely dry so useless.”

Yamaha teammate Ben Spies did complete eight laps in the morning but only confirmed what everybody knew, that conditions were too wet for dry tyres and too dry for slicks. The American does think he will be better prepared if qualifying takes place in similar conditions but the forecasts don’t suggest that will be the case.

“We didn’t really get anything from the few laps we did, it’s been pretty much a waste of a day for everybody. We can’t control the weather and unfortunately it was just too mixed conditions to do anything. We did a couple of laps to check everything was ok just in case qualifying is like that so we have a feeling for it. Other than that we just sat around, drank coffee and watched everybody!”