TMG EV P002 Set To Defend Pikes Peak Record

by James Charman

The TMG EV P002 is preparing to defend its electric record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and a conclusive upgrade and testing programme.

The two-day test completed half the track on each day, with combined times suggesting a vast improvement on the 2012 record-setting time.

Pikes Peak record-setter Rob Millen took to the wheel to fine tune the balance, braking, traction control and cooling, with tyre evaluations also taking place.

Further updates have also allowed the team to produce 400kW of power and 1200Nm of torque to tackle the 12.42 mile hill climb.

Due to there being no reliable connection to the power grid on the mountainside, TMG is using its off-board battery-to-battery charging technology to keep power to the car at all times, and after an overnight charge can quickly deliver high levels of power to the TMG EV P002 without additional software and infrastructure.

“This has been a combined technical effort, with TMG and TRD USA engineers working over the past weeks to generate more performance from the TMG EV P002,” said TMG Executive Coordinator Strategic EV Development, Claudia Brasse.

“Electric powertrain technology is advancing on a daily basis so even as TMG won the electric class last year, we were planning how to generate more performance for 2013. We have met our targets for the powertrain and I’m delighted to hear that our colleagues at TRD USA have extracted additional performance from the chassis.

“Our development and testing programme has gone well and we have seen once again that the TMG electric powertrain is not only very powerful, it is also incredibly reliable and durable. Now we look forward to the race event itself, which is another showcase for TMG’s electric powertrain technology.”

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