McClure Takes Next Step With Fiesta R2 Acquisition

by Simon Paice

2013 NGK Spark Plugs BRDC Challenge front-runner Aaron McClure is taking the next step of the rallying ladder this season as he moves into a Ford Fiesta R2.

The 19 year old has acquired an ex-John MacCrone machine for 2014 as he aims to capitalise on a strong 2013, in which he finished fifth overall in the BRC Challenge alongside winning the Fiesta Sport Trophy Challenge.

After trying out a selection of R2 models, McClure settled on the Fiesta earlier this month. He is set to embark in a testing programme over the next couple of months before deciding what championship to tackle.

The MSA British Rally Championship is an option, but McClure is also considering options across Europe.

“We were always looking to make the next rung on the ladder this year and the R2 will give us the opportunity progress even further,” said McClure.

“Its left hand drive which is totally new to me, but I realise most of the problems you need to overcome with the transition to that side of the car are in your head so I don’t anticipate it being too much of an issue. It will take a bit of getting used to, but it’s a fantastic car and I haven’t stopped smiling since we collected it.

Itseems R2 is the class to get noticed in and there are many options available for the Fiesta across Great Britain and Europe, it’s an ultra competitive car. We will sit down and decide which direction to take over the next few weeks but there is a fantastic opportunity ahead of us, it’s certainly exciting and I could only dream of this prospect back in 2009.”

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