UK Rally Bemused At MSA For Suspending British Rally Championship

by Vince Pettit

Earlier today the Motor Sports Association announced that it would be suspending the MSA British Rally Championship in 2015 in preperation for a relaunch of the series in 2016 under the guidance of International Motorsport Services.

Current series promotor UK Rally had presented the MSA with a tender to continue but the govening body took the decision to move the series in house ,“Whilst we will continue to work hard to complete this season, obviously disappointed we are are bemused as our proposal actually provided a vision to evolve the sport which included a new era partnership with the MSA and IMS; all-encompassing strategy for new sponsors, to retain the talent pool and development of young drivers, a gradual reinstating of four wheel drive and an eventual return to International status” explained Managing Director of UK Rally, Mark Taylor.

“Frankly, after all of the hard work and investment, this course of action is somewhat confusing, particularly as we offered to carry out a caretaker role during a period of review, irrespective of the new promoter.”

“We are proud of our success in delivering the aims we presented to the MSA when we first started out nine years ago. Our strategy for the development of young drivers has created some of the best up and coming young talent around. Costs have been reduced, you can win today’s BRC on an operating budget of about £60,000, a sharp fall from the £350,000 required in 2004. We were the first to introduce high street brands such as Tesco, JML and Dulux to motorsport.

“We implemented environmental initiatives’, forging a campaign for reduced impact on forest roads and engaged in broadening the reach of stage rallying by exhibiting at non motorsport shows and exhibitions, whilst cutting the cost of competing and at the same time increasing the media profile both domestic and worldwide” 

“Sustaining the Championship through the worst economic period on record created real commercial challenges, particularly with sponsorship, it has been a tough few years, but we applied creative and financial investments in new media platforms and sheer determination to position the Championship as a leading light on the International stage.”

“I want to acknowledge our sponsors and manufacturer partners for supporting us over the past nine years, and pay tribute  to the event organisers, volunteer officials, marshals and loyal fans, who trusted in us with a joint vision and passion. Last but far from least, my own staff who have been thoroughly professional, dedicated and incredibly supportive throughout – thank you.”

“Whilst this one chapter closes for me, I can appreciate the achievements that were made, see the talent we have helped create and feel especially proud to have been a part of it, it’s been just great”. 

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