Barton and Hamilton Called Up To Classic TT Following Injuries To Other Riders

by James Charman

TT rider liaison officer John Barton and Northern Irish rider Jamie Hamilton have received late call ups to the Classic TT following the injuries of other riders at the Ulster Grand Prix.

The pair will step up after Keith Amor, Dean Harrison and Dan Kneen were injured in the Supersport race at the Dundrod Circuit. Amor was scheduled to ride a brace of Nortons in the 500cc and 350cc races, but Barton will now sit in his place. Meanwhile, Hamilton will take over riding duties aboard an MV Augusta in the 500cc race, replacing Harrison.

Dan Kneen’s replacements will be revealed soon, filling his spots in the Ripley Land Racing and RLR team.

Meanwhile, Dan Stewart is preparing for his first venture in to classic racing. The Barrow rider has been competing at the Isle of Man TT since 2006, and will be hoping his course knowledge will come in handy in the 500cc and Formula One races.

“I am looking forward to doing it,” said the 39 year old. “It is a bit of a new venture, the classics. We have not raced them yet, it is a bit of a toe in the water. It is the first time racing old bikes. One of the bikes is older than me so it will be a bit of a step back in time. We’ve only got 60 horse power but it won’t stop and it won’t go very fast and it will be quite interesting to ride. It is about half the speed that the big superbike goes at TT. It will give me a chance to enjoy the scenery if nothing else!”

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