Soar Declared Winner In Red Flagged Senior MGP

by James Charman

Andy Soar was handed the Senior Manx GP victory after the race ended under a red flag following incidents at both the 11th Milestone and Bishopscourt on the final lap.

Soar was declared the winner having been the leader at the end of the second lap – the last lap completed by the entire field – and now joins names such as Geoff Duke, Phil Read and Ryan Farquhar as Senior Manx Grand Prix winners.

In a change to the timetable, the race was run before the MGP Reunion parade as Clerk of the Course Phil Taubman wanted to ensure the racers could get the best conditions of the day, with the race starting at 12:30. The parade was later cancelled following the incidents.

Despite much of the track being dry, there were warnings of damp patches at Laurel Bank, Ramsey Hairpin, Hillberry and the Nook, while strong wind warnings were in force on the Mountain.

Soar was the leader on corrected time at the first visit to Glen Helen, while Rob Hodson, who was hoping for an improvement in his luck from earlier in the week, sat just three seconds behind the leader. Newcomer Malachi Mitchell-Thomas made a fantastic start, sitting in third at Glen Helen on the first lap, despite a starting position of 39.

Soar held his lead as the pit stops took place on the second lap, while the closing pair of Michael Moulai and Hodson, who swapped places multiple times throughout the lap, were both within seven seconds of the leader. Mitchell-Thomas held fourth, almost thirteen seconds clear of 2012 Newcomer A winner Kamil Holan.

A stunning pit stop from Moulai brought him six seconds closer to Soar, with the top three separated by just 4.9 seconds at Ramsey on the third lap. Moulai took the lead at Cronk Ny Mona, leading at the end of the third lap by just 0.5 seconds, while Hodson was just three seconds back in third.

By Glen Helen Soar had cut the gap to just 0.13 seconds, with Hodson now just 1.3 seconds adrift. Hodson then jumped to the lead at Ballaugh, 0.7 seconds ahead of Moulai and Soar dropping 3.3 seconds off of second. However, the red flags came out and news came through at the Grandstand that Soar had been declared the race winner following a countback to lap two.

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