Domenicali focus to be on new F2 Championship

Former Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Stefano Domenicali’s main focus as the president of the FIA’s Single Seater Commission will be the reintroduction of the Formula 2 championship now his stint in the role has begun.

The outgoing Single Seater Commission president Gerhard Berger’s focus had been on bringing the FIA European Formula 3 Championship back and to introduce Formula 4 to national and regional audiences.

The news of a ‘future F2 championship’ came to light when the new Superlicence guidelines were introduced earlier this week, and it will be Domenicali who will spearhead its re-introduction as well as consolidating that which Berger has begun.

Speaking to Autosport, the Commission’s Frederic Bertrand admitted they are looking at ways to bring F2 back, but they are still in the early stages and there is no fixed idea on how it will return.

“The target is to finish the ladder and the timeframe for this is the next subject on our schedule,” said Bertrand. “I’m sure this has to be discussed with Stefano when he comes to his president position – this will be one of the main subjects on our to-do list.

“What we want to do is create a top-level category, to follow on from F3 and train drivers to be ready for F1. But we don’t want to say everything is done on F3 and F4 – this is just the start. We will use the same recipe to do it [create F2], with the involvement of teams and support from them and the media.”

Bertrand admitted that one idea would be to merge the two main feeder series to Formula 1 – the GP2 Series and Formula Renault 3.5 – but a completely new Formula Two series, much like the series that ran between 2009 and 2012, is also not out of the question.

“We cannot decide on a merger yet, we cannot decide on creating things,” said Bertrand. “The most important thing is to decide what we want to obtain. Then, once everyone agrees, we will work out how to do that.”