Kanamaru leads the way on EF Open’s opening day

Emilio de Villota Motorsport’s Yu Kanamaru was fastest on the opening day of the EuroFormula Open season opener at Jerez after setting the fastest time in each of the three free practice sessions.

The Japanese racer, who remained with the team after securing a handful of podium finishes in 2014, was quickest in the opening session, which turned out to be the quickest of the three for as drivers used new tyres for the first time.

His lap of 1m37.236s was 0.190s faster than Russian Konstantin Tereschenko of Campos Racing, another series returnee for 2015, as the top ten drivers were all within one second of one another.

Brazilian debutant Vitor Baptista was third fastest overall for reigning Teams’ champions RP Motorsport, ahead of Yarin Stern of Team West-Tec F3, while Polish driver Igor Walilko rounded out the top five in a second RP Motorsport machine.

A third, albeit running under the MKTG banner this season, was sixth fastest in the hands on John Simonyan, ahead of Italian Alex Rovera of DAV Racing and Tanart Sathienthirakul of Team West-Tec F3.

Damiano Fioravanti and Andres Saravia completed the top ten, meaning four of RP Motorsport’s five entries were inside the top ten.

Jerez Free Practice 1 Times

116Yu KanamaruJPNEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m37.236s
26Konstantin TereschenkoRUSCampos Racing1m37.426s
33Vitor BaptistaBRZRP Motorsport1m37.481s
410Yarin SternISRTeam West-Tec F31m37.501s
537Igor WalilkoPOLRP Motorsport1m37.763s
62John SimonyanRUSMKTG1m37.845s
721Alex RoveraITADAV Racing1m37.900s
815Tanart SathienthirakulTHATeam West-Tec F31m37.940s
95Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1m38.022s
101Andres SaraviaGTMRP Motorsport1m38.166s
1119William BarbosaCOLBVM Racing1m39.142s
128Henrique BaptistaBRZCampos Racing1m39.182s
134Antonio PtakPOLRP Motorsport1m40.788s
1420Javier CobianESPBVM Racing1m41.448s
1527Otto SanchezESPEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m41.478s
1617Jose Manuel VilaltaMEXEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m41.501s
1718Michael DorrbeckerMEXEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m43.511s
1877Leonardo PulciniITADAV Racing1m43.663s
199Ahmad Al GhanemKWTCampos Racing2m18.858s
207Diego MenchacaMEXCampos RacingNo Time

Jerez Free Practice 2 Times

116Yu KanamaruJPNEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m38.865s
237Igor WalilkoPOLRP Motorsport1m38.874s
37Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1m38.911s
410Yarin SternISRTeam West-Tec F31m39.162s
515Tanart SathienthirakulTHATeam West-Tec F31m39.367s
62John SimonyanRUSMKTG1m39.459s
76Konstantin TereschenkoRUSCampos Racing1m39.594s
818Michael DorrbeckerMEXEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m39.758s
919William BarbosaCOLBVM Racing1m40.028s
1021Alex RoveraITADAV Racing1m40.044s
118Henrique BaptistaBRZCampos Racing1m40.064s
123Vitor BaptistaBRZRP Motorsport1m40.395s
131Andres SaraviaGTMRP Motorsport1m40.828s
145Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1m40.926s
154Antonio PtakPOLRP Motorsport1m41.004s
169Ahmad Al GhanemKWTCampos Racing1m41.223s
1717Jose Manuel VilaltaMEXEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m42.036s
1827Otto SanchezESPEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m43.469s
1920Javier CobianESPBVM Racing1m44.449s
2077Leonardo PulciniITADAV RacingNo Time

Jerez Free Practice 3 Times

116Yu KanamaruJPNEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m39.841s
23Vitor BaptistaBRZRP Motorsport1m39.984s
337Igor WalilkoPOLRP Motorsport1m40.042s
41Andres SaraviaGTMRP Motorsport1m40.066s
519William BarbosaCOLBVM Racing1m40.142s
621Alex RoveraITADAV Racing1m40.150s
710Yarin SternISRTeam West-Tec F31m40.222s
84Antonio PtakPOLRP Motorsport1m40.235s
96Konstantin TereschenkoRUSCampos Racing1m40.294s
107Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1m40.334s
112John SimonyanRUSMKTG1m40.366s
1215Tanart SathienthirakulTHATeam West-Tec F31m40.403s
135Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1m40.507s
1427Otto SanchezESPEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m40.507s
1577Leonardo PulciniITADAV Racing1m40.573s
168Henrique BaptistaBRZCampos Racing1m40.626s
1718Michael DorrbeckerMEXEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m40.920s
189Ahmad Al GhanemKWTCampos Racing1m41.067s
1917Jose Manuel VilaltaMEXEmilio de Villota Motorsport1m43.030s
2020Javier CobianESPBVM Racing1m43.116s