Mikkola To Compete On McRae Rally Challenge Next Month

Rallying legend and former World Rally Champion Hannu Mikkola and his long time co-driver Arne Hertz are heading for Scotland next month for the McRae Rally Challenge at Knockhill Racing Circuit. The crew are among a number of starts to sign up for the event which is taking place on May 16 -17.

Mikola and Hertz will climb into an Audi Quatro and will be apart of the four wheel drive “supercars” that are part of the demonstrations and displays at the event.

Mikkola has a history with the Quatro taking it to the world drivers championship in 1983.

“It’s always nice to get back behind the wheel of an Audi quattro rally car and never fails to bring back special memories for me.” said the Finn 

“Scotland has always been a favourite place of mine to rally in the UK, and I have been fortunate enough to do really well there too. It’s also great to support this event and celebrate a fantastic achievement in British motorsports and remember what Colin accomplished in the sport.”

Mikkola won the RAC rally in 1981 and 1982 and also won the Scottish International Rally in 1982.