Eriksson Wins, as Schumacher’s Crashed Out

Joel Eriksson wins his second race of the weekend after an excellent drive saw him come from third on the grid and avoid large incidents at the front. However; the race ended with a red flag after Mick Schumacher was robbed of a potential points finish after being taken out by home favourite Thomas Preining in the closing stages.

Joey Mawson had started on pole, but will rue a missed opportunity after stalling off the grid, he fell to the back as a result. Up into the first corner, second placed Tim Zimmermann took the lead and build up a large gap as the cars ran up to the second corner.

While, behind fourth placed David Beckmann was hit and taken out by Ralf Aron in the first corner, ending his chances of any points. Aron was later given a drive through for his actions. The race was quickly halted by a safety car period after Job van Uitert was hit and critically damaging his car.

After the brief stop, Zimmermann lead Eriksson, Aron, Marvin Dienst and Michael Waldherr. But a slow restart from the leader allowed a four car battle for the lead, with Zimmermann losing out to Eriksson but keeping the others behind. The battle however would allow Waldherr to catch and overtake Dienst for fourth which soon became third after Aron served his penalty.

Dienst struggles would continue as he was forced to hold off fifth placed Mattia Drudi, but was saved after Mawson’s spin to avoid a car left him in the barrier at turn 3. The safety car was called again and on the restart, Eriksson built up a large enough lead from Zimmermann.

Dienst also pushed through at the expense of Waldherr with the Motopark driver falling behind Drudi too. Meanwhile a three wide battle for sixth saw Janneau Esmeijer take the postion from Guan Yu Zhou, who was recovering after a poor start. The fight allowed Schumacher up to tenth and pressured Cecotto infront.

However; with only 3 minutes left, Schumacher defending his tenth from Priening. The Mucke Motorsport driver would get behind him on the finish straight, misjudge his position and push Schumacher into the inside barrier.

The safety was initially brought out, but a red flag was soon issued, ensuring the positions the lap before the red flag had to be awarded. This meant that Mick was provisionally given tenth back. At the conclusion, Eriksson won from Zimmermann and Dienst, as Drudi, Waldherr and Esmeijer rounded out the top six. Zhou in seventh was the top rookie.