Double Silverstone pole for Jack Aitken

Jack Aitken took pole position for both race one and two at Silverstone during qualifying on Saturday morning as the current Eurocup Formula Renault Series championship leader Louis Deletraz struggled.

Aitken, racing this year for Koiranen GP, set two laps within 0.001s of each other to take the top spot for both races, with his 1m57.294s enough to displace Group A pacesetter Harrison Scott of AVF.

Scott will start race one from the front row, while row two sees Kevin Jörg of Josef Kaufmann Racing alongside Darius Oskoui of ART Junior Team, while row three sees Koiranen GP of Jake Hughes alongside one of Fortec Motorsports’ wild card entries this weekend Jehan Daruvala.

Dennis Olsen of Manor MP Motorsport will start seventh, while Fortec Motorsports trio Ben Barnicoat, Ferdinand Habsburg and Martin Kodric complete the top ten.

Championship leader Deletraz could only qualify in twelfth for Josef Kaufmann Racing, just behind ART Junior Team’s wild card entry Will Palmer.

For race two, Aitken set a best time of 1m57.295s to take top spot, and will be joined on the front row this time by Barnicoat, while Jörg and Scott form row two ahead of Hughes and Deletraz.

Ukyo Sasahara will start race two from eighth for ART Junior Team ahead of JD Motorsport’s Thiago Vivacqua and Oskoui.

Anthoine Hubert, currently sitting third in the championship, had a disappointing session, spinning at high-speed at Copse corner and qualifying in eighteenth and twenty-second respectively for the two races in his Tech 1 Racing entry.

Silverstone Race 1 Qualifying Result

13Jack AitkenGBRKoiranen GP1m57.294s
227Harrison ScottGBRAVF1m58.093s
315Kevin JorgSWIJosef Kaufmann Racing1m57.425s
410Darius OskouiSWIART Junior Team1m58.140s
52Jake HughesGBRKoiranen GP1m57.638s
654Jehan DaruvalaINDFortec Motorsports1m58.146s
717Dennis OlsenNORManor MP Motorsport1m57.695s
86Ben BarnicoatGBRFortec Motorsports1m58.197s
945Ferdinand HabsburgAUTFortec Motorsports1m57.857s
105Martin KodricCROFortec Motorsports1m58.198s
1153Will PalmerGBRART Junior Team1m57.918s
1214Louis DeletrazSWIJosef Kaufmann Racing1m58.246s
137Callan O'KeeffeRSAFortec Motorsports1m58.006s
1435Matevos IsaakyanRUSJD Motorsport1m58.337s
1536Thiago VivacquaBRZJD Motorsport1m58.009s
169Ukyo SasaharaJAPART Junior Team1m58.358s
1719Ignazio D'AgostoITAManor MP Motorsport1m58.052s
1822Anthoine HubertFRATech 1 Racing1m58.363s
1947Nikita MazepinRUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1m58.133s
201Anton de PasqualeAUSKoiranen GP1m58.388s
2121Simon GachetFRATech 1 Racing1m58.170s
2228Charlie EastwoodIRLAVF1m58.434s
238Valentin Hasse-ClotFRAFortec Motorsports1m58.712s
2452Matteo FerrerITACram Motorsport1m59.298s
2526James AllenAUSARTA Engineering1m58.724s
2625Amaury RichardFRAARTA Engineering1m59.301s
2720Hugo de SadeleerSWITech 1 Racing1m59.691s

Silverstone Race 2 Qualifying Result

13Jack AitkenGBRKoiranen GP1m57.295s
26Ben BarnicoatGBRFortec Motorsports1m58.260s
315Kevin JorgSWIJosef Kaufmann Racing1m57.567s
427Harrison ScottGBRAVF1m58.282s
52Jake HughesGBRKoiranen GP1m57.682s
614Louis DeletrazSWIJosef Kaufmann Racing1m58.403s
717Dennis OlsenNORManor MP Motorsport1m57.908s
89Ukyo SasaharaJAPART Junior Team1m58.409s
936Thiago VivacquaBRZJD Motorsport1m58.016s
1010Darius OskouiSWIART Junior Team1m58.448s
117Callan O'KeeffeRSAFortec Motorsports1m58.031s
125Martin KodricCROFortec Motorsports1m58.449s
1353Will PalmerGBRART Junior Team1m58.126s
1435Matevos IsaakyanRUSJD Motorsport1m58.471s
1545Ferdinand HabsburgAUTFortec Motorsports1m58.202s
1654Jehan DaruvalaINDFortec Motorsports1m58.484s
1721Simon GachetFRATech 1 Racing1m58.330s
181Anton de PasqualeAUSKoiranen GP1m58.570s
1947Nikita MazepinRUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1m58.361s
2028Charlie EastwoodIRLAVF1m58.588s
2119Ignazio D'AgostoITAManor MP Motorsport1m58.644s
2222Anthoine HubertFRATech 1 Racing1m58.631s
238Valentin Hasse-ClotFRAFortec Motorsports1m58.720s
2452Matteo FerrerITACram Motorsport1m59.438s
2526James AllenAUSARTA Engineering1m58.786s
2625Amaury RichardFRAARTA Engineering1m59.633s
2720Hugo de SadeleerSWITech 1 Racing2m00.024s