BJ Baldwin hunts down Bruce the Sasquatch in Recoil III

In the third instalment of the Recoil franchise, BJ Baldwin is hot on the tracks of the great mythical beast known as Sasquatch.  During the pursuit of his nemesis known as ‘Bruce,’ Baldwin manages to cause mayhem throughout the urban jungle of Tacoma, Washington in his Monster Energy / Toyo Tires trophy truck.  He also dashes through the deep forest… ancestral home of the monstrous bipedal humanoid.

“This was my favorite Recoil yet. It was really fun driving the Trophy Truck in the woods, and also being able to truly go urban off-roading,” said Team Toyo’s BJ Baldwin.

“The people of Tacoma were really gracious in letting us run wild, and really test my Toyo tires in the urban jungle.  We only used one set of tires the whole time… even after all the donuts and burnouts!”