FIA deem Alonso/Gutierrez crash a ‘Racing Incident’

FIA stewards at the Australian Grand Prix have deemed the collision between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutierrez as nothing more than a racing incident.

The McLaren-Honda and Haas F1 Team drivers clashed on the run down to turn three at Albert Park on the eighteenth lap, with Alonso hitting the wall and rolling his car before coming to rest upside down.

Stewards, which included former Formula 1 driver Martin Donnelly this weekend, said they would investigate the clash after the race, but deemed no further action was required and no penalties would be handed out to either driver after talking to both drivers and examining data.

“The stewards examined the evidence and conclude that no driver was wholly or predominately to blame,” said a statement from the FIA after the race.

Both drivers were forced to retire from the race as a result of the crash, and both were taken to the medical centre as a precaution. Alonso and Gutierrez were soon cleared by medics and allowed to return to their teams.

  • The crash was Alonso’s fault. It is the job of the passing driver to avoid the overtaken car. He failed. A penalty was earned.

  • Racehound

    ……….yet another Hamfan puts the blame on Alo.  Guttierez should have been aware Alo was 2 seconds a lap faster than him and should have been already told to let him pass!   Simple!  Ban team radio to driver coaching….but dont ban team radio that could make drivers aware of other teams strategy/speed/safety margins!