Ferrari revealed as top earners for 2016 Formula 1 payments

For its 2015 Formula 1 performance, Ferrari will receive the most money from the FIA despite finishing second in the world championship.

Revenues from hosting fees, media rights and other streams such as trackside sponsorship and hospitality has been collated by the F1 management to be distributed across the ten teams. For 2015, the total was $965m, this will be given to the teams through nine monthly payments from April, with a final “check” payment in early 2017.

There are five different payments, Column 1 payments are based on a team’s classification over two of the past three years. With the pot divided equally amongst all qualifying teams. Whereas Column 2 payments are based solely on a team’s 2015 classification. With it calculated on a sliding scale from first to tenth place. First receives nineteenth per cent of the fund, sixth ten per cent and tenth four per cent.

Agreed in separate deals, there are constructors’ championship bonus (CCB) payments for Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren. Ferrari also receives a long-standing team payment with other fixed prize fund payments for Williams as a heritage bonus and negotiated payments for Red Bull and Mercedes.

Along with their negotiated payment, Red Bull also receives an extra annual payment for being the first team to sign the current bi-lateral agreement. From now on Mercedes will earn its bonus annually after meeting its agreed target of two world championships.

It is estimated that Ferrari will earn $192m this year, almost twenty per cent of the total and $33m more than they earned last year. Mercedes though will only earn about 17.7 per cent of the total fund.Fifth-placed Force India will earn a share of 67m, a situation that is the heart of the team’s complaint to the EU Commission¬†over what it insists is unfair competition.

Despite there being the same number of rounds, the teams’ payouts are nine per cent up on last year’s total payout of $883m.

Scuderia Ferrari33.5m53.5m87m35m70m-192m+17%2
Mercedes AMG PETRONAS33.5m63.5m97m39m-35m171m+36%1
Red Bull Racing33.5m36.5m70m39m-35m144m-7%4
Williams Martini33.5m43.5m77m--10m87m-6%3
Sahara Force India33.5m33.5m67m---67m+12%5
Renault (Lotus)33.5m30.5m64m---64m+28%6
Scuderia Toro Rosso33.5m23.5m57m---57m+8%7
Sauber F133.5m20.5m54m---54m+23%8
Manor Racing33.5m13.5m47m---47m-10

COL 1 – Payments based on team’s classification over two of the past three years
COL 2 – Payments are based solely on a team’s 2015 classification
CCB – Constructors’ Championship Bonus
LST – Long-Standing Team