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Sauber investor hunt made harder by indecisiveness of F1

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As the Sauber F1 team continues in their struggle to keep afloat during the 2016 Formula One season, Team Principal Monisha Kaltenborn has citied the continued negative vibes that are currently surrounding the sport as the cause of their struggle to attract new investors and sponsors.

The recent last minute changes to qualifying, and the inability to agree on rule changes in 2017, have not painted a pretty picture for those considering investment in a F1 team. Formula One management and the FIA continually come under criticism, turning themselves into a laughing stock as they continue to look for new gimmicks to throw some excitement into the sport, instead of trying to solve the underlying problems. That lack of taking ownership, makes F1 a no-go area for those with cash to flash right now. Speaking to Kaltenborn explained the Swiss squad’s dilemma.

“It’s very difficult, you know, because first of all things take their time and you can’t push more than you are, and the environment in which people have to invest in here is not an ideal environment.

“With all the negativities which go around this sport – which are so unnecessary in a way – with a certain lack of stability, how even rules are done at the last minute and again they are being criticised before they are even in place, this all doesn’t help.”

Despite their financial constraints however, Kaltenborn believes the team have found a way of continuing on at a reasonable level, until financial help can be sourced.

“I don’t know if it’s easier or not, you just unfortunately get used to some things and people focus then on the right things I guess and not being frustrated about it, because you know what the situation is.

“That I think is a very important step that when you are working your way up again you have a different mindset.”

Whether the Hinwil based team will last the season, having already missed paying staff wages on time in previous months, and without a point to their name so far this year, is yet to be seen. But the squad seem confident they know what they have to do, they now just need to find the finances to allow them to do it.

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