New Ginetta GT5 Champion, Ollie Chadwick: “I couldn’t ask for any more.”

Ollie Chadwick - Credit: Jakob Ebrey

After winning the Ginetta GT5 Challenge series at the second race of the Spa-Francorchamps weekend, Ollie Chadwick spoke to TCF. The Xentek Motorsport driver won the Friday encounter, in what became a dominant season.

Before Chadwick had even had a chance to collect his trophy for the race, the celebrations had started, with his team gathering on the pit wall. He came out onto the podium in a large raucous, as his team and family watched on.

The champagne was sprayed and celebration’s started as his opponents retreated to the paddock.

“It’s incredible, it’s been three years, that it’s taken to get here and I’ve had the best time ever. This year we’ve put to bed any of the issues and problems in years past and we’ve put to bed any of the issues and problems, I couldn’t ask for any more.”

As with any championship, a good relationship with your team is vital and considering he raced, and won, with Xentek Motorsport, it seems unwise to cut the ties. Chadwick echoed this sentiment, admitting he’d built a strong relationship with the team.

Ollie Chadwick Spa Joe Hudson 1
Chadwick celebrates with his team atop the Spa-Francorchamps podium (Credit: Joe Hudson)

“Anything I do, I want to do with them. They’re looking at Supercup next year, so that could be an option. They ran Tom Ingram in that back in JHR’s, so they’ve got a wealth of experience with that. First and foremost, I’d love to do something with them and even if not, they’re still my best mates.”

For Chadwick, GT5 hasn’t been the only championship he’s featured in this season. As the headline event of the weekend British GT has also seen him amongst their ranks. He notably drove for GPRM at the start of the season, though his adventures with Toyota did not end well.

As he looks towards 2017, he must consider a move to BGT. With his sister; Jamie Chadwick, already a staple in the series, Ollie knows that his reputation must be maintained next year.

When asked if British GT was his major focus for 2017, he said; “I enjoyed it, but I enjoy racing anything, you put me in a car, I don’t mind. Even if you put me in one of those, if someone asked me!” He said pointing to the VW Fun Cup‘s lining up on the grid below him.

“There’s a possibility I’d be in one of the GT cars at Snetterton testing, but we’ll see where that leads.”

Ollie Chadwick - Credit: Jakob Ebrey
Ollie Chadwick – Credit: Jakob Ebrey

The weekend itself was notable for the back and forth battle between Matt Chapman and himself. In a season where winning came naturally, Chadwick was impressed by his racing colleague.

“Matt, I’ve got to take my hat off to him, he was really good out there, fair but hard. I loved going side by side through Eau Rouge and Blanchimont, two of the best corners in the world. You’ve got to put a lot of faith in him then.”

“He just pipped me in the first one as I didn’t have the exit through the chicane, but in the second race, we got him! I’ve enjoyed racing him so far and I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ve got an awful lot of respect for him after those two races.”

With one round still to run at Donington, the Somerset racer goes into the finale free from pressure. Some drivers take the opportunity to venture elsewhere or move away from the line light. Chadwick though, seems determined to not let his pace slip.

“No. I qualified second this morning and some people were saying you were a little bit down. After all we’ve been on pole every race other than Silverstone where we had a mechanical issue.”

“We’ll keep pushing because we’ve still got Donington and it really closes up round there. We want to make sure our performance keep growing, keep continuing.”