Max Chilton: “You constantly had to be adapting”

Max Chilton - Credit: Chris Jones / IndyCar

Max Chilton was happy to complete all 500 miles at Pocono Raceway on Monday without incident, finishing thirteenth for Chip Ganassi Racing.

The British driver felt the team made progress during the race that was delayed due to rain from Sunday, and was able to adapt as the track conditions changed, with Chilton revealing that his first race at the Tricky Triangle felt a lot longer than he was expecting it to be.

“I’m happy since that was my very first experience racing on the Tricky Triangle,” said Chilton. “That 500 miles seemed a lot longer than the Indianapolis 500 for some reason.

“I think we learned a lot though. We got through the whole race without incident as well. There was a lot of adjusting going on with the cars with the wind being a big factor. You constantly had to be adapting to the track and conditions.

“The last run was really close with all the cars packed back up and going for it. We started 18th and moved up in the race to 13th so that was good progress. I also learned a lot so I’m happy with the result for the Gallagher team in our first race here.”