Michelin set for the ‘unusual layout’ of the Red Bull Ring as MotoGP resumes

Following the summer break, Michelin are all set for the next MotoGP race as it heads to the Red Bull Ring for the 2016 NeroGiardini Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich.

The Spielberg circuit features seven right-hand corners and only two-distinct left-hand corners; A recent test has give Michelin valuable data in to the way their tyres perform around the 4.318km circuit and will be bring three varieties of front tyres – Soft (White band), Medium (No band), Hard (Yellow band) as the rubber manufacturer tries to cover all bases of riding styles across the grid.

For the rear tyres, Michelin will be bringing two new compounds of the Power Slick tyre, Medium (No band) and Hard (Yellow band), these feature an asymmetrical design with a harder compound on the right shoulder to battle the predominate right-hand corners.

In addition to the dry range of tyres there will be the Michelin Power Rain tyres and the Michelin Power Inters, which will available should the weather conditions change.

Piero Taramasso, Manager of the Two-Wheel Motorsport Group commented, “The Red Bull Ring is going to be a completely new experience, not just for Michelin, but the whole paddock as no-one has raced there before in MotoGP. The only rider with any experience in a Grand Prix is Valentino Rossi, but that was on a lower class bike and the track has been completely refurbished since then.

“We have had a test there recently and learned quite a lot, so we think we have a good idea how the tyres will work. It is an interesting layout with just two left-hand corners and only seven rights, so we have brought tyres to cope with this unusual layout.

“Hopefully we won’t have all the weather issues we have had in the last two races, but if we do we will be ready for whatever comes our way. It will be good to experience a new circuit and I’m sure the Austrian fans will pack the grandstands for the first Grand Prix there in almost 20-years.”