Osian Pryce Rallying ready to take on Rallye Deutschland

Osian Pryce is ready to take on his first-ever Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy asphalt rally at the 2016 Rallye Deutschland.

Pryce will be fielding his Osian Pryce Rallying-liveried Ford Fiesta R5 with co-driver Dale Furniss on the South Western German asphalt for the first time after showing great pace on the previous gravel rallies this year.

The Welshman has completed a two-day recce run through the stages before Rallye Deutschland began on Thursday, acclimatising himself to the German asphalt.

Pryce said “I’m very happy with how everything has gone, we feel really well prepared, some of the stages are quite different to what we’ve got at home, but this year’s partly about gaining experience of the World Rally Championship and competing on as many different types of road as possible.”

He also added about the Rallye Deutschland challenges despite winning two WRC2 prize drives for 2017. “We’ve got to be absolutely on it from the start. The roads through the vineyards are quite tricky in places. There are some unseen corners and a lot of hairpins and you have to be absolutely precise with the car – there’s a wall on one side and a big drop down into the grapes on the other.

“The countryside roads are OK and then there are the stages in the military area: Baumholder. These are a real challenge.

“The key to pulling time in here is being as neat and tidy as possible. You see drivers like Thierry Neuville, guys who are really strong on these kind of stages, being so, so good on the brakes. You leave it absolutely as late as you dare, off the brakes, turn in, power. Get that right on 96 junctions in 25 miles and you’re on for a good time. That’s what Dale and I are after.”