Ericsson’s Malaysian GP preparations fall “fowl”

by Rachel Hack

Sauber F1 Team driver Marcus Ericsson is all set for this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, having prepared for the challenges and tropical climate that driving at the Sepang International Circuit brings, by attending a bike camp in Thailand.

“The Malaysian Grand Prix is another challenging race weekend due to the high temperatures as well as the humidity.

“After the Singapore Grand Prix I stayed out and went to a training camp in Thailand to be in the best physical shape.

The programme did not quite go to plan for the Swede however, and he found himself face-to-face with an obstacle in the form of, what he described as a “big chicken” whilst out cycling on the road.

The 26-year-old hit the bird at a fairly decent pace of 45km/h, which saw him thrown from the bike, luckily only sustaining scratches and bruises, with his machinery taking the brunt of the damage.

Ericsson took to Twitter to confirm that he was fine afterwards, adding that the chicken also appeared unhurt in the incident as it got up and ran away!

Now all patched up the Swede is looking forward to getting back in the car and racing on four wheels, in what he knows could be a testing weekend, especially considering the inclement weather conditions that can often rear their ugly head at any given moment, during this part of the World.

“Besides the physical challenge, the weather can also play a huge role during the race weekend in Sepang. Normally the races are quite exciting due to the unpredictable weather with heavy rain storms.”

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