Habsburg and Troitskiy set the pace for Drivex at Red Bull Ring

Ferdinand Habsburg - Credit: FOTOSPEEDY

Ferdinand Habsburg led a Drivex School one-two in practice at the Red Bull Ring on Friday as the summer break of the EuroFormula Open championship came to an end.

Habsburg, who will be racing in front of his home fans this weekend, was quickest in the second of the two sessions held on Friday, while championship leader Leonardo Pulcini led the way in the first for Campos Racing.

Pulcini set a time of 1:26.758 in the opening session to lead Nikita Troitskiy of Drivex School, who is making his debut for the outfit, with his team competing with two cars for the first time this season.

Diego Menchaca and Julio Moreno ended the morning session third and fourth respectively for Campos Racing ahead of Habsburg, while Antoni Ptak, a surprise winner at Silverstone before the summer break was sixth fastest for RP Motorsport.

Tatiana Calderon was seventh on her return to the championship, with the Colombian racing this weekend for RP Motorsport having earlier in the season competed with Teo Martin Motorsport, and she finished ahead of team-mates Tanart Sathienthirakul and Damiano Fioravanti.

Kevyan Andres rounded out the top ten for Carlin, just ahead of team-mates Colton Herta and Ameya Vaidyanathan.

Habsburg set the pace in the second session with a time of 1:26.097, almost seven-tenths of a second ahead of team-mate Troitskiy, with Ptak and Herta third and fourth ahead of Moreno, Menchaca and Pulcini. Sathienthirakul was eighth ahead of Andres, while Calderon completed the top ten.

Red Bull Ring Free Practice 1 Result

18Leonardo PulciniITACampos Racing1:26.758
291Nikita TroitskiyRUSDrivex School1:27.322
37Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1:27.377
46Julio MorenoECUCampos Racing1:27.966
562Ferdinand HabsburgAUTDrivex School1:27.969
61Antoni PtakPOLRP Motorsport1:28.080
74Tatiana CalderonCOLRP Motorsport1:28.289
85Tanart SathienthriakulTHARP Motorsport1:28.461
93Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1:28.686
1047Keyvan AndresGERCarlin1:28.696
1198Colton HertaUSACarlin1:28.724
1251Ameya VaidyanathanINDCarlin1:28.957
1318Ricardo CazzanigaITADAV Racing1:29.063
1420Daniel PronenkoRUSBVM Racing1:29.218
152Kusiri KantadheeTHARP Motorsport1:29.525
1672Nikita ZlobinRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:29.595
179Gulhuseyn AbdullayeuAZECampos Racing1:29.975
1812Vladimir AtoevRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:30.196

Red Bull Ring Free Practice 2 Result

162Ferdinand HabsburgAUTDrivex School1:26.097
291Nikita TroitskiyRUSDrivex School1:26.737
31Antoni PtakPOLRP Motorsport1:26.901
498Colton HertaUSACarlin1:26.920
56Julio MorenoECUCampos Racing1:27.059
67Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1:27.090
78Leonardo PulciniITACampos Racing1:27.213
85Tanart SathienthriakulTHARP Motorsport1:27.351
947Keyvan AndresGERCarlin1:27.470
104Tatiana CalderonCOLRP Motorsport1:27.602
113Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1:27.653
1218Ricardo CazzanigaITADAV Racing1:27.913
132Kusiri KantadheeTHARP Motorsport1:28.129
1412Vladimir AtoevRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:28.402
1572Nikita ZlobinRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:28.657
1620Daniel PronenkoRUSBVM Racing1:28.710
1751Ameya VaidyanathanINDCarlin1:28.945
189Gulhuseyn AbdullayeuAZECampos Racing1:30.561