Kristensen and Solberg announced for ROC Miami

Tom Kristensen (DMK) in the KTM X-Bow Credit: Race of Champions

The Nordic pairing of Petter Solberg and nine-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, have been announced as the newest drivers to be added to the Race of Champions line up. The pair, who have competed together in 2015 will hope to collect further success in 2017.

While Kristensen has officially parted ways with motorsport, he enjoys returning to the competition having had success in the past. Hailed as the greatest endurance racer of all time, the Dane has made it to the individual final on four separate occasions.

“I may have ‘officially’ retired from competitive racing, but I’ve been coming to the Race Of Champions for so long I still count it as the exception to the rule. ROC is a very special event and I am always very honoured to take part.” Kristensen said.

“Even though my time at ROC has been partially successful, I’m still waiting to take home the individual trophy so maybe I can finally rectify that in Miami. The challenge is to race against top drivers from a wide range of motor sport series, but besides the racing it is a lovely event with lovely people.”

As for Solberg, he has yet to retire. Instead, enjoying success in the World Rallycross Championship. Winning the title in the last two years, the former World Rally champion is still a major player in the sport.

“We all know there is a fun side to the Race Of Champions but that’s not what brings us back,” started Solberg.

“No matter what anyone tells you, we all come to race, push to the max and show everyone else who’s boss. The only problem is that everyone in the race is among the best in the world and every bit as crazy as I am…

“You don’t get much time to think, you jump in and out of different cars and you have to get on the pace straight away. So it’s not easy, but whenever I do anything I always make sure I give it everything.”