Lorenzo Expecting Tyre Management to be Key

Jorge Lorenzo is expecting a fascinating tactical race on Sunday with the tyres likely to suffer a big drop-off over the 20 lap Grand Prix.

The defending champion was fourth fastest at Silverstone this afternoon but admits he is still looking for the ideal set-up which will enable him to keep the pace as fast as possible, minimizing any drop-off from the tyres.

“Here I don’t think we will have the same pace as Brno and Austria. The first laps will be 2:01 or low 2:02 but then we will start doing 2:03s quite soon so the rider who has the best setting to keep a constant pace will benefit and for the moment, we still have a long way to go to reach that. Nobody has done a long run of more than five laps so we can’t compare the other riders. I think we can fight for the win but we need to work to have the best possibility of a constant pace when the tyre drops.”

Tomorrow’s running looks set to be affected by rain which may play to Lorenzo’s disadvantage but the Movistar Yamaha rider acknowledges he has to ignore any weather forecasts and focus on improving his own riding.

“I cannot control the weather. I’d like to control the weather as I would always have dry conditions! Unfortunately I can’t so I have to put the helmet on and try to get the best performance out of myself. The performance in the wet this year was very bad, I know that, so I don’t have any more choice but try to improve the bike, myself and try to go faster.”