No Change of Approach for Marquez at Silverstone

Marc Marquez says he is going all-out for victory in Sunday’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone and is not heading into the weekend with a safety-first approach.

The Spaniard has opened up a 53 point lead over Valentino Rossi through a combination of magnificent skill and aggression and a maturity that has seen him settle for podium positions when victory has been out of reach. However, despite the season entering its critical phase, Marc is not planning to adopt a cautious approach and has his eyes purely on victory this weekend.

“At the moment, the mentality is the same as the first race, to try and do 100%. I feel good with the bike, that’s the most important thing, and I feel competitive so the mentality is to push at the maximum and then we will see. We know we are now in an important part of the season so we’ll try to keep a similar level.”

Much has been made of the Repsol Honda RC213V’s weakness under acceleration this season and while Marquez doesn’t expect that to handicap him here as much as other circuits, he doesn’t want to focus too much on the deficiencies of his machine.

“Here, there are a lot of accelerations but in a different way. In Austria, the accelerations start from second gear and here, they start from third gear with more speed in the middle of the corner so I think this will be a little bit better for us. I don’t want to speak more about this problem. It’s something that is there but we also have strong points where we can recover.”