TCF goes racing: Part 14 – Getting some more support

by Vince Pettit

As I mentioned in my early blogs, I had set a budget for the first season, and its fair to say I have gone over that! And considering my background is motorsport marketing I came to the conclusion I needed to pull my finger out!

So please excuse this blatant plug for a few companies, but I have managed to secure a number of sponsors in my first season who have made it possible for me to compete all the races this year and who should enable me to do the same next year.

  • Cooper Poole Air Conditioning
  • RJ Day Plastering
  • Advantage Motorsport
  • LOOKOUT! market research
  • Performance Ford Magazine
  • The Checkered Flag
  • GAZ Shocks
  • LHW Media
  • Richard Craig / Dragonfly Photography
  • AV6 Home Solutions

I’d also like to also mention XR Challenge championship coordinator Dave Fairclough, XR2 guru and all round top bloke Mike Heath, my teammate and good friend Justin Roberts, my great friends Jon Jeavons and Jade Barrett for their support, hospitality and encouragement and my mechanics Jordon Cullen and George Rochford.

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