Boccolacci sets the pace on EuroFormula Open debut

Dorian Boccolacci - Credit: FOTOSPEEDY

Dorian Boccolacci set the pace in his first session of EuroFormula Open as the season finale at the Circuit de Catalunya got underway on Friday with three collective test sessions.

The Frenchman, who raced in the Formula Renault 2.0 category this year, is competing for Teo Martin Motorsport this weekend at the Spanish circuit, and set the pace in the first of the three sessions on Friday with a time of 1:39.258, 0.087 seconds ahead of Carlin’s Colton Herta and 0.292 seconds ahead of Drivex School’s Ferdinand Habsburg.

Leonardo Pulcini, who clinched the title last weekend at the Circuito de Jerez, finished the session in fourth ahead of Campos Racing team-mate Diego Menchaca and another debutant for Teo Martin Motorsport, Xavier Lloveras.

Herta set the pace in the second session with a lap of 1:39.610, 0.275 seconds ahead of Pulcini and 0.446 seconds clear of Habsburg, with Carlin’s Keyvan Andres fourth ahead of Damiano Fioravanti of RP Motorsport and Menchaca.

Habsburg got the best time in the final session of the day with a time of 1:39.874, 0.124 and 0.412 seconds ahead of Carlin duo Herta and Andres respectively, with Fioravanti was fourth ahead of Menchaca and Pulcini.

Circuit de Catalunya Collective Test 1 Result

145Dorian BoccolacciFRATeo Martin Motorsport1:39.258
298Colton HertaUSACarlin1:39.345
362Ferdinand HabsburgAUTDrivex School1:39.550
48Leonardo PulciniITACampos Racing1:39.568
57Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1:39.829
671Xavier LloverasESPTeo Martin Motorsport1:40.101
772Nikita ZlobinRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:40.250
83Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1:40.350
951Ameya VaidyanathanINDCarlin1:40.517
104Tatiana CalderonCOLRP Motorsport1:40.530
1147Keyvan AndresGERCarlin1:40.610
121Antoni PtakPOLRP Motorsport1:40.670
136Julio MorenoECUCampos Racing1:40.792
142Kusiri KantadheeTHARP Motorsport1:41.333
1520Daniel PronenkoRUSBVM Racing1:41.887
169Gulhuseyn AbdullayeuAZECampos Racing1:42.360
175Tanart SathienthriakulTHARP Motorsport1:44.176
1821Ye HongliCHNBVM RacingNo Time
1991Vasily RomanovRUSDrivex SchoolNo Time

Circuit de Catalunya Collective Test 2 Result

198Colton HertaUSACarlin1:39.610
28Leonardo PulciniITACampos Racing1:39.885
362Ferdinand HabsburgAUTDrivex School1:40.056
447Keyvan AndresGERCarlin1:40.227
53Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1:40.494
67Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1:40.520
745Dorian BoccolacciFRATeo Martin Motorsport1:40.534
851Ameya VaidyanathanINDCarlin1:40.629
991Vasily RomanovRUSDrivex School1:40.830
1072Nikita ZlobinRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:40.831
116Julio MorenoECUCampos Racing1:41.075
121Antoni PtakPOLRP Motorsport1:41.195
1371Xavier LloverasESPTeo Martin Motorsport1:41.247
144Tatiana CalderonCOLRP Motorsport1:41.576
1520Daniel PronenkoRUSBVM Racing1:41.933
162Kusiri KantadheeTHARP Motorsport1:42.175
179Gulhuseyn AbdullayeuAZECampos Racing1:49.604
185Tanart SathienthriakulTHARP Motorsport1:51.067
1921Ye HongliCHNBVM RacingNo Time

Circuit de Catalunya Collective Test 3 Result

162Ferdinand HabsburgAUTDrivex School1:39.874
298Colton HertaUSACarlin1:39.998
347Keyvan AndresGERCarlin1:40.286
43Damiano FioravantiITARP Motorsport1:40.442
57Diego MenchacaMEXCampos Racing1:40.584
68Leonardo PulciniITACampos Racing1:40.656
745Dorian BoccolacciFRATeo Martin Motorsport1:40.793
851Ameya VaidyanathanINDCarlin1:41.169
971Xavier LloverasESPTeo Martin Motorsport1:41.413
101Antoni PtakPOLRP Motorsport1:41.421
1172Nikita ZlobinRUSTeo Martin Motorsport1:41.649
122Kusiri KantadheeTHARP Motorsport1:41.876
136Julio MorenoECUCampos Racing1:41.919
149Gulhuseyn AbdullayeuAZECampos Racing1:41.953
1520Daniel PronenkoRUSBVM Racing1:41.956
164Tatiana CalderonCOLRP Motorsport1:42.161
175Tanart SathienthriakulTHARP MotorsportNo Time
1891Vasily RomanovRUSDrivex SchoolNo Time
1921Ye HongliCHNBVM RacingNo Time