Ferrari appeal for Vettel’s penalty to be reconsidered

by Megan Cantle

Following the dramatic ending of the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix two weeks ago, the Scuderia Ferrari team have appealed to the stewards from the race to review their decision which saw driver Sebastian Vettel drop from third to fifth place.

The German driver was penalised under Article 27.5 of the 2016 F1 Sporting Regulations (also known as the ‘Verstappen’ rule), after it was deemed that he drove dangerously under braking against Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo at Turn 4 of lap 70.

Having only been implemented at the US Grand Prix the weekend before, Vettel was the first driver to be penalised under the new regulations. The decision was interpreted according to the Race Director’s notes on ‘defensive manoeuvres’.

The Scuderia Ferrari team has chosen to try to repeal the decision after claiming that “a number of new elements have come to light after the decision was rendered that make the decision reviewable under Article 14.1 of the International Sporting Code.”

Even if the decision were to be changed, and the standings reversed to Vettel in third, Ricciardo in fourth and Max Verstappen in fifth, the championship rankings would not change. However, the Maranello based team believes that, in order for future clarity and credibility of the rule, the decision should be reconsidered by the stewards.

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