More teams expected to take part in Pirelli tyre testing in 2017

Ultrasoft tyres make their first appearance in Singapore this weekend - Credit: Pirelli & C. S.p.A

Pirelli say they are expecting more teams to take part in their Formula 1 tyre-testing programme next year.

All teams will be invited to develop their 2018 tyres, and the Italian manufacturer are expecting more to participate due to the lower costs involved.

Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari all tested the 2017 tyre this season but were required to create modified cars that were able to carry the wider tyres, and simulate the downforce levels of next year’s cars.

Instead of having to create these ‘mules’ next year, teams will be able to use their 2017 challengers.

Pirelli Racing Manager Mario Isola said, “The format is similar to what we had this year with the difference that we don’t have the mule cars but we have a race car.

“So I expect to have more teams available to test – we don’t have the numbers but we are now finalising a plan.

“We will offer testing to all the teams and we will see who is available to test.

“Once we have the list of teams available we will make with the FIA a calendar in order to distribute or to make a rotation of the tests and distribute the tests equally.”

Although the venues for next year’s tests are still to be set, Isola said they would be looking to use tracks they’ve used before to give them a reference point.

He said, “There are many venues but they are still under discussion.

“We have some reference circuits like Barcelona, for example, or Paul Ricard for wets and I think we will use these circuits again.

“Probably we will stay, if possible, on the same tracks where we have the race on Sunday in a system that is similar to the in-season test.

“So the teams are already there and then from Tuesday, you have two or three days of testing.

“That’s why we are evaluating also different circuits.”